iOS 13 PS4 Controller Support

When the ios 13 comes we will be able to play with the ps4 controller . Excited 😍😍

How is IOS and PS4 related
And I don’t think it would because it would be quite hard to control everything, especially in busy areas

I think the only aircraft that should be controlled with PS4 controllers are those in GTA. Far too complicated in IF.


So even though this iOS being compatible with a PS4 controller (again I don’t know how) it would be way too hard if you tried controlling in IF

Have a read of this.

It says this.

Game Controllers

PlayStation 4 controller support

Use your PlayStation 4 game controller with iPad.

Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth

Connect your Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth to iPad.

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You can fly with a PS4 controller? That’s interesting 😂

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Yes but trying to control in IF would be too difficult and too complex

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Practice makes perfect


Well all I can say is good luck…

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Pretty sure you’ve been able to use them awhile, i read something @Cameron said, saying controllers are supported in the code. You just have to get a PC or Mac to recognize it.
You’ve been able to use controllers for awhile as far as i read anyways of people using controllers in 2018… So

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Probably need some gooooooood practice to try and do this

So @Capt_Mazen if you do try this I wish you good luck


There are only so many functions that can be bound to a ps4 controller compared to a traditional joystick/throttle quadrant. I use the Hotas X setup and it barely covers all the inputs I need, not including ATC.

My main question is that if you were to use a PS4 controller for IF, what would you bind the throttle to? IF doesn’t allow you to bind 2 separate input surfaces for one function (e.g. you couldn’t bind both Right Trigger and Left Trigger to the throttle input, you could only bind one)


You can fly with the PS4 controller but there is limited buttons and it doesn’t work well unless you put time into selecting the right axis and buttons. It a very complex such very simple setup

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i sometimes try out flying with the controler and its challenging ngl, but as mentioned you dont have enough buttons, and have to still do a gew things by touch and its kinda laggy

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Actually they said ps4 controller support for any device that means iphone too

Thank You :)

I think it’s still probably going to be easier without a controller


But I think it’s more realistic like holding a handstick but with another form

And same way to hold a yoke :)

Or you could just get a yoke instead