iOS 13 deleting community passwords?

So I have my phone set to the “Automatic Updates” since it’s recommended. So it had updated the other day and I went to the community on my phone and it had logged me out. It’s a pain to log back in with google because of all of the 2FA that google has. Is there any way that I could prevent from getting logged back out again on the next iOS update?

Don’t set the “Automatic Updates” settings. Also, there should be the password in “Passwords” in settings where you can view your IF password.

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Well I log in with google but it deleted ALL of my saved passwords.

That’s not what should happen normally, looks like a problem with the iOS update rather than the community.

I wonder if when you update your phone if it automatically logs you out as a precautionary measure.

How do you save your passwords? What service do you use?

I recommend otherwise. Because they say, it’s recommended, doesn’t necessarily mean it is the most optimal or ideal thing to do. Usually, sorry, Always, I choose when and what iOS update to allow being installed don my Apple devices, since who knows what new issues the update may bring, battery drain, lag, this and that. Beter wait an see what other and reviewers report back before updating, that’s my 2 cents on that subject.

2-Step Verification? In that case, turn it off, or make it so that you can easily log in by typing the first letter of your username or e-mail and then with Touch-ID or Face-ID fill out the rest of the username or e-mail and password, automatically, make things a ton easier.

Seems like more of an iOS problem than specifically related to IFC. I would highly suggest you contact Apple Support and see what they have to say, and if they can come with any solution to your issue you’re facing here.

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