iOS 13 and iPadOS Betas

Hello, community! I was wondering if anyone has tried running Infinite Flight using the iOS 13 or iPadOS public betas.

Since many of the “Multitasking” features in iPadOS (I know Multitasking is occasionally known to cause issues in IF) look like they’d be very useful during flights, I’ll be updating my older iPad to the iPadOS Beta tonight just to make sure IF still runs.
If all goes well with the older iPad, I’ll probably be updating my newer iPad (which is my main IF driver) soon after.

I completely understand that Infinite Flight is not guaranteed to run on iOS betas and that beta versions of iOS are not supported in any way by IF. However, IF had no issues with the iOS 12 beta last year, so I’m taking the risk again this year.

I’ll let you all know how it goes in case any of you are also considering trying out the public betas.

For more information about Apple’s beta software program, click here.


I multitask all the time and it’s never been an issue ( apart from getting distracted and picking up speed vios) Good luck on 13 beta


I would like to leave a word on this topic regarding the betas.
It is actually not recommended to download betas and especially iPadOS. It is an entirely revamped operating system and its current state is unstable. Running long sections of usage such as IF will be a struggle for devices on the new firmware especially when IF hadn’t been updated to adopt the new formats and requirements of iPadOS.
In conclusion, if you would like to try it out, it is completely fine. But allow me to remind you that iPadOS is a new OS and the risks are definitely way higher.

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I saw some infinite Flight insta account use an Xbox controller for IF and ps4 can’t wait lol

I controlled on the iPadOS and there’s lag when a message is sent, wouldn’t recommend you to update if you can’t stand the obvious lag
For iOS 13 I fly on my phone and the atc messages also do lag when you hear it(that’s if you’re the only plane in the frequency)

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Don’t use useless you’ve got another device specially for that

You can get the for free here. Using a controller is a bit wonky, but you will get the hang of it in no time! But other than that, nothing is wrong with it!


Well this could be a super interesting setup. I mirror my iphone to my MacBook Pro and use LiveFlight connect to run my joystick while running ForeFlight on my iPad. Curious about what a native experience would be like!


I have decided that I will no longer be updating to the iPad OS beta. This is partly because I’m having some trouble backing up my device, but mostly because there are certain applications on my device that I’m afraid will stop functioning once I update.
If anyone else has investigated IF compatibility on the iOS 13 or iPad OS betas, please feel free to share your results!

I’ve been using iPadOS 13 for the last 5 days or so, and it seems reasonable so far. No particular loss of performance, and it seems reasonably stable, touch wood. IF runs just fine too, which is handy. Completed a 14 hour long haul last night from Sydney to Jo’burg without a hitch.


I don’t use the beta program because my phone and iPad I use majority for work.

I’ve been on iOS 13 beta 3 for around 3-4 weeks and infinite flight is a bit laggy

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