iOS 12 Public Beta + Infinite Flight

Note to all: beta versions of iOS are NOT officially supported by the Infinite Flight team, so install beta at your own risk!
Hello fellow Infinite Fliers,
Since the iOS 12 public beta was recently released, I figured “why not try it” since iOS 11 beta was okay overall.
I tested Infinite Flight on both an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 6 running public beta 1, and I’m happy to say that IF still works (as far as I know) just as well in the beta version as normal iOS!
Feel free to try out the beta version on a non-essential device/secondary device/a device you won’t need for anything important, as long as you back the device up on iTunes on a PC or Mac beforehand. Instructions for backing your device up can be found here:


Thanks, I was wondering whether to try it out on my iPad but was not wanting to break IF. I feel a little bolder now so I may take the plunge!

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This has already been discussed. This topic covers it all:

Yeah, just make sure you back everything (maybe your photos too) up since you might have to factory-reset your device to revert to normal iOS (once normal iOS 12 is released this fall).

I created this since I didn’t find a specific answer on that topic stating whether IF would work or not.

As said in the topic @Chatta290 linked to, we won’t support or endorse the usage of the iOS 12 beta. We will release compatibility updates as required and offer support when the public release of iOS 12 is announced later in autumn. Thanks everyone!