iOS 12 beta compatibility?

Hey guys,

I was just wondering how IF will work on IOS 12 dev beta? If any of you have it please tell me the performance!!




Is the beta even out yet?


Apparently performance is much better with 12 (at least according to Apple) so performance should be good…


Ya, since yesterday…

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Yes !!! It is! Apple released it Monday!

Ok thank you, I’ll take a look for you guys!!!

I know 11 changed to 64 bit, wich is a sizable change, I don’t think there is anything like that, but they did rebuild it from the ground up apparently to squash the bugs so…

More or less IDK, but let us know if you find out…

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I will sure do, if it does definitely going back down to 11.4!!! I will let you know to the maximum Saturday!!

Before updating to beta iOS 12, make sure you have your device backed up.

Also, unless you are a developer at Apple, you won’t get the official beta. Be careful when installing profiles you find on the internet as people could get in or tweak it in someway that may not be compatible with Infinite Flight.


I have the iOS 12 beta to test FMC. IF runs fine on it. :)

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And as @BigBert10 said, unless you are an Apple Developer, don’t download iOS 12 beta from any other websites! ;)


Yearly reminder :) The first releases of the iOS 12 beta are intended for developers to test their software, and even they are suggested to install this on a secondary device. You probably will experience iOS issues at some point during the beta period if you install it.

For this reason, Infinite Flight will not officially support iOS 12 until it is released to the general public.

If you encounter any issues in Infinite Flight whilst running the iOS 12 beta, it is very likely support will be unable to help. Thanks everyone!


Don’t worry, I have very good sources (good you tubers) I don’t really have to worry about that!

I have very good sources, don’t worry! I have my iPad on iOS 11 just in case it doesn’t work! I can downgrade if it is really an issue!

Ok thx, I’ll just do it anyways just to test it out and if so I can help others with my experience!

@Adam_Al-Finge What sources? If it’s not from Apple it’s illegal…


Nope, I even asked them as a precaution! @jakevaz423

Asked who? Apple? Or your source? Because your source may lie to you so they can get your business.


Apple!!! I never do anything illegal, trust me!

Long time Apple developer here - if you aren’t a registered Apple Developer program member (that means, you haven’t paid $99 / year for a license), and you aren’t running the iOS Public Beta (which isn’t available yet), it’s not legit and you should tread carefully :)