IOS 11 Screen recorder video process time for long flight?

I’ve just done a 12 hour flight screen record ended it and it hasn’t gone into videos. I contacted Apple they just said update software.

I’m asking here because I’m womdering if anyone has ever screen record long flight and how long it took to process onto videos. I was hopefully going to do timelaspe of my flight I hope it has not deleted itself.

I asked here because could not find anything on long screen recordings on other places.

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Just a guess, but perhaps the video was too big. Check your available storage.

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I have 20GB avalible is that enough?

I don’t think so. 12 hours should take 50 gb.


A video this long might take a lot of that, if not all.

hmmm not sure. 1 hr is about 4 gigabytes so the video could be 50 Gigabytes making it too large

I’m hoping the notification saying it has been saved pops up.

Probably won’t though thanks guys for help

@schyllberg you can close this now thanks :)

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12hr screen recording? Phew…