iOS 11 Multitasking

I think it would be great to add multitasking support to IF in iOS 11 on iPads.

Right now I have my SimBrief FPL pulled up on a seperate device when I am flying, which is inconvenient to say the least. On top of that, I would like to be able to actually use my iPad while I’m flying, however in its current state, my device is rendered completely useless for the duration of my flight. Adding multitasking support would greatly enhance the experience, make life a lot easier, and likely push more people to attempt longer flights, knowing they can still use their device while flying.

I completely agree with those I have an issue with this on android, however I have my phone set to allow me to split the screen, allowing me to have IF running and use another app at the same time. Not sure how this would work for ios


In iOS, both apps have to specifically support multitasking in order for it to work. Unfortunately there’s no work around like the split screen setup on Android.


What are you missing TOD. Use a paper I think the new fpl Ui is great

I believe you would have to have some serious RAM for this to be possible.

When I’m initially punching in a flight plan, it’s annoying to be looking between 2 different devices constantly. As well as constantly flipping between safari and calculator to figure out my climb rate etc.

Plus, I’d like to be able to do other stuff on my iPad while I’m flying, especially on long hauls

The newer iPads are more than capable. I’ve had no issue watching video in picture-in-picture mode, but that’s all I can do right now. Watching Ice Pilots NWT for 9 hours straight can get boring ;)

I limit my flights to one hour to be fun

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Split screen mod cuse a instant crash on my samsung s8+ its hard to handle evrything with only 1 device.

This would be so helpful! Especially to see the current winds if a FPL needs to be changed.

Even though split screen doesn’t work, I can open Chrome while in flight on my iPad. This is good enough to check weather or copy the flight plan.

The problem with this in the first place is that most iPads wouldn’t be able to run both apps.
Only the iPad Pros really.
And you can already have a slide over view.

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I don’t see this being a problem. A lot of times I had a few apps running in the background while inflight and I had no issues. I have an iPad mini 4 so I don’t know how good it is compared to the iPad Pro.

Let’s say you are using VirtualHub with IF. You would open VirtualHub and go back to the home screen, but make sure it appears on the bottom bar on the home screen first. Then go to IF and start your flight. Once the flight is up, swipe up on the bottom of the screen so now the bar on the bottom should pop up with VirtualHub on the right side of the home bar. Click and hold the icon for about a second, and drag it onto your screen. It by default goes to the right side of the screen but you can slide it to the left by dragging the top of the window over to the left side of the screen. It surprisingly does not get in the way at all except for when you want to control the throttle manually or view the map list in the flight plan screen. Hope this helps @Jake_Stopher

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Having the ability to multi-task on IF is gonna come with a lot of bugs and performance issues. Not a good idea with global released recently. Maybe after performance optimizes, then it can come in a later update.

With the newer devices on IOS11, you swipe up to see the Application bar, then you drag an app onto the current screen, like Safari, then IF runs in the background while you do your thing. Although it doesn’t work split screen.


RAM is not an issue. Infinite flight cannot cross 300 MB and there’s a lot left for other processes

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ipad pro 10.5 and 12.9 inch has 4 gb of RAM, as well as an ARM cpu which competes with even full desktop i7s. ipad pro should be able to handle it just fine

The current support for slide over is fine as it is, it can run apps like discord simultaneously with IF. Whats annoying is when the slide over blocks view of either side, when both sides are needed like TO/landing and even filing flight plan.

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I think this would be a nice addition for the coming update. Like @sniperguy135 mentioned above, slide over works fine right now, but it would be nice to have split view. This isn’t something that needs to be put in right away, but would be pleasant addition to come sometime in the future

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