iOS 11- installation warning

Me being me, I installed the beta when it was released… lol regretted that instantly but I’ve recently experienced a lag issue within solo and live where the frames would flicker… just imagine a really fast lag.

As some of you may know, I create cinematic youtube videos that are perfectly smooth and lag free. So for those of you who create IF youtube content, please don’t install iOS 11 otherwise you’ll probably throw your device across the room :)


iOS 11 isn’t even that great to be honest. I am gonna revert for the same reasons and probably won’t update when it is released. The new multitasking is awful and it is all very clunky - not what I expected from Apple at all.

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It’s common sense when installing a beta though especially the developer one.


I would say don’t install iOS 11 on your daily devices or the device you play IF on. It’s really buggy and doesn’t run all that well

If you an old device or an iOS device that you don’t use, you can download iOS 11 and play around with the new features.

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This isn’t an apple feedback forum. It is called a beta for a reason. IF does not guarantee compatibility with iOS 11 either.

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im fully aware of that :)

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Tl;dr: don’t install the Apple developer build unless you are a developer.