iOS 10 unstable for me?

So basically IF has started crashing since i updated to ios 10. I click on replay in IF, watch the replay several times, then I jog backwards with the slider. I do this several times. But then IF crashes! Back to my home screen

Device: iPhone 6
iOS: 10.0.1
IF version: latest

It’s got nothing to with my graphics or my device being unstable because on iOS 9 my device managed to run IF really well even with the graphics on highest setting each. And on iOS 10 the graphics are the same as they were on iOS 9. Any solutions? Thanks guys! 😄

Upgrade 10.0.2 it have some bug fixes…

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I’ll do it now.

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Tell how it works out for you…

Are you on the latest upgrade?

Still have the problem :-(

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