iOS 10 Beta

Hi. I plan on downloading the beta version of iOS 10, like I did with iOS 9 last year. Before I do it, I want to make sure IF will work with the beta because it didn’t work with iOS 9 Beta when I got it.


No u Can download it now!

Someone on IFFG said that it works just fine, just a few lag spikes here and there. I signed up for the beta too.

Yes, beta comes out in July, regular version comes out in the fall

Okay, thanks!

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Whilst some users have been able to use Infinite Flight successfully under iOS 10, please bear in mind that this is pre-release software.

Anything can change between now and the release of iOS 10 on Apple’s end. Until it is released officially (around September), iOS 10 is not officially supported by Infinite Flight.

So basically, install at your own risk. It could work fine, but don’t expect minor hotfixes for any iOS 10 related problems until the official release :)


I wouldnt risk if i were you.

I had iOS 9 beta’s for the whole summer on Ipad Air, and IF crashed every time; only september '15 added support for 9.

Just shared my experience)


A similar thing happened to me last year with the iOS 9 beta…good to know this :)

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Yes that’s why Apple tend to recommend for you to do it on a secondary device and not your primary user as you will experience problems


Unless you’re a developer, you shouldn’t have iOS 10 beta anyway. A public beta will be out later :)

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He said that he’s planning to download the beta @Swang007 :

I’ll try the beta too when the public one is released :)

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Please don’t post any links to beat the system and get iOS 10 without a valid developer’s account.


Hmm Yes I am also debating with myself whether I should download it or not… I only know because of EverythingApplePro :P

As the wise men of the FDS once said, if you depend on IF to live, do not install operating system beta versions.

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Ok probably won’t then😂😜

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