Inviting People on Solo Session

I’m here to request a feature that would allow you to invite people on solo sessions.
How would this work?

First you would need to log into your account, and make sure that your Community account is linked to your infinite flight account. This would be able later on. You also must be A TL2 or higher to do this as well. When you open the page, there will be a button called requests. If it’s orange, you have a notification.

when you click that, this will pop up on your screen. the user’s call sign will pop up and their IFC name. Next to it it will say the following
Accept= You would make a pm.
Decline= will not make a PM and not let the user request to you again for a day.
If you tapped accept, you will make a pm and from there you and the user will discuss the conversation. Once a certain time is arranged, it will make a timer until that time. Once the time ends, both of you will get a notification at the top. You are able to push it back as many times as possible, if needed.

When the notification pops up, you will go into the app and do fly solo, pick the airport and plane.

The person you requested to join your server will get a second notification saying that the other Persian has joined the solo session. You open the app and you see this.

Click the arrow and join.

From there, you do what you wanted to do there!

Note that the maximum is 10 people.

Of course, you’ll be able to turn it off by doing Settings > Turn off Requests > Yes.

How would this help? This would help more in the entertainment sector. YouTubers making IF movies would be able to make them much more easier, in terms of people joining. This could be people having fun in solo with other friends and stuff like meming around.

I like the idea!

Is it something like this:


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