Invited into cockpit after flight

I sat by 2 pilots the other day and they happened to be flying back to Detroit from DC so I was talking about aviation with them and then I was invited inside and they told me some of the procedures they use during flight and it was a Airbus A319 and it was pretty awesome image


How nice of them! What airline were you flying?

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I was flying with delta I love airline pilots because they are always welcoming me into the cockpit before flight


I haven’t managed to get inside a A319 cockpit yet. Nice to see that you did :)

Nice! How beautiful is the babybus cockpit?

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You should probably ask @Delta319 he would know😂

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for the record i’ve only been inside a SWA 737-700 cockpit lol

not much i can say other than that

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Not surprised! Delta Airlines is always welcome when it come to flight deck visits. I’ve never been turned down by Delta.

Cool! Glad that the customers can still go to cockpits :)
Recently I also went into a Boeing 737-800 cockpit in Argentina. Luckily I could talk with both pilots at the end of the flight.

Now it is impossible to get into the cockpit while cruising (for obvious reasons), but I remember when I was a child that I went into some cockpits. It is always great!

Delta always lets me into their cockpits, their once like that

Cool! I am flyong onbord delta tomarow and i made a topic i wanr to know whay i can take from the plane and o hppe i cane take a life vest

I’ve met many great DL pilots that let me in. Haven’t asked to be in the cockpit in a while though. Hopefully I can do it on the 772 from HND to MSP. Never been in a heavy cockpit

It’s beautiful

They won’t let you take a life vest but you can take a safety card if you ask a flight attendant they will probably try to find you a spare one I don’t know what else you can take except maybe ask for a few plastic cups and they might throw it in for you

The real babybus is the A318. Try Airfrance once, it looks like a Bizzjet

Very lucky! Next flight I go on I’ll see if I’m able to have a look in the cockpit.

I flew with Turkish airlines and I took two flights and not one of the pilots would let me in the cockpit 737-800 or the airbus a321, when the flight attendant asked the pilot he was straight up like ‘NO, NO, NO’, I remember I used to take Qatar airways and they would let me in the cockpit all the time and talk to the pilots about aviation, in that case I’ve been in the cockpit of a 737, 777, 787, A320, A321, A330

Awesome. Delta pilots are the best.
Just yesterday I actually flew the same route on a A321 and visited the cockpit as well.

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Nice! I personally flew A319s and A320s in the past, but I still enjoy when pilots let me inside the cockpit. The most recent for me was two months ago, with Brussels Airlines on their A319 from Lyon to Brussels, but also in Cruise level of FL390 over Niamey, on their A330-200 😍👌😋

Got to do this on a Dreamliner it was amazing.

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