Invite only server

I saw one similar to this but i would like to add to it. In the previous topic i saw replies like u can go in a less populated region etc. this server will allow u to invite the invitee through a sent notification. This will be closed and only open to people u invite. We will not be held back by overspeed and aerobatic warnings hence the reason i didnt just want to go in a less populated are in another server. This is just an idea and sorry for no pictures

Referring to this by any chance?

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So basically a private server? It would definitely be a cool, but isn’t 3 servers enough? You can be professional on one, semi professional on another, and go crazy in the third. Yes, it would be cool to have private group flights on the server. Additionally some extra charge would be needed, I don’t think it would be cheap either. So yes, it’s a cool idea, but in my opinion we have two big cons against it.

  1. We have three servers already. They cover all skill levels.
  2. An additional cost along the price of the subscription+ App. Here Infinite Flight may not be affordable.
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Well its not like the devs will force u to buy it so people who are willing to will do it also they’re many trolls on expert and thats public so thats why i wanted invite only :)

Yes but i made it over with additional info

The other one is more complete

Sorry but it is

Continue in the topic linked by @Tsumia please. Thanks!