Invite for members

Hi All,

Unfortunately I’ll be off IF for awhile as I’m now back at work and internet is spotty at best. Anyway, I know many of you are aspiring pilots and I would like to extend an invitation to anyone interested in flying to come tour my airplane and base. I give many tours a year to the public as aerial firefighting is forefront in many of the communities I work from. I’m currently in Brainerd, MN along with 2 Air Tractor Firebosses whose pilots would love to share as well. We go wherever the fires are so if anyone is interested in tours, I can keep the community updated on my location and if you happen to live there, just reach out to me. I’ll also be working from the same base as the DC-10 and 747 tankers and those guys are great too. By the way, if you see a BAe-146 with a big 03 on the tail in news reports, that’s me.


Ill make sure to keep an eye out for ya!

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