Invitation to join my around-the-world Cessna tour

Hi All,

This is an invitation for any of you to join me for a flight in the coming days as I’m circumnavigating the globe in a Cessna 172. I’m not creating a formal event here because this has sort of been my own pet project and I’d rather keep the schedule flexible, but the transatlantic legs are coming up and I’m getting excited, if anyone wants to join me for any of the legs or suggest a route modification that would get them on board, please PM me, I’d love to have some company.

So far I’ve made it from my home base of KSNA to the Eastern US. I have foreflight for route planning and wind data, I can send you if interested. The plan is to head north to Labrador in the next couple days, and then maybe Inuit lands to shorten the leg to Greenland, which I’ll cross and head to Iceland, then the Faroe Islands, maybe the Shetlands and down or rather over to Norway, and then I’ve basically made it over the water. I work from home so I’m cruising on through a couple refuelings per day. Bottom line: if anybody is interested in some cold, hard, oceanic Cessna action in the coming week I figure you can just message me to coordinate so we can bury this thread, or feel free to post if you have any route ideas or other thoughts. Thanks!


This would go into a live catogary events right ?

If you say so, that works for me, I just don’t want to be asked to specify precise locations and times.

Edit: Thanks @Insertusernamehere, done deal!


Just put it in #live 😉. No need for the strict event format but more suitable for this thread 😃.


Lol no, it seems one would have to stop every 400nm or so for fuel. If you want the details of my route let me know, I just didn’t want to spam everyone with the details.

I am starting my tourney in the C172 soon from PHL, it will be really interesting.


Awesome, that sounds fun. Are you thinking of north and across to Europe? I’ll let you know how it goes if you want.

My plan is to go up to Baffin Island, and across the southern part of Greenland, into Iceland where I will then fly to the Faroe Islands.

Yep that’s what I have too, I think that’s pretty much the only way. There’s a leg or two in there that’s pushing the range but there should be tailwinds, we’ll see.

@Christoffer_Z I’m sure you’ve heard of him, but search up a guy on YouTube called ‘FunForLouis’… he’s circumnavigating the globe in a Cessna (not a 172) and is currently on the last part from Australia to California. I’m so jealous that you can do this! Have fun.

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The idea of doing something like this has been on me mind as well.
You are make hops at times that suit you. Doing one or more hops together obviously needs careful time planning, or just being lucky that I can fit in your schedule. But, as I get it, you don’t really have a flight schedule.

Perhaps an idea is that you announce a flight, a few days in advance, and a planned start time, and some of use could plan to tag along.

Have fun!

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If you could send me the itinerary you have set up I would love to do something similar!

@azeeuwnl Yes you’re quite right, it was a bit of a selfish announcement in that regard because I’m proposing actually numerous flights that ultimately have to suit my own schedule as well as everyone else’s. I apologize for that and will follow your suggestion by making a scheduled event for the Greenland leg. I’ve heard from a few people who are interested and am hopeful for a bit of company along the way, should be a lot of fun. What I’m suggesting is that actually my schedule is likely much more flexible than everyone else’s. So if you pick a time that suits you personally I’ll probably be able to meet you at that time to do one of these flights, basically building legs of this journey around a few of these nice peoples’ schedules :) And if you don’t mind I’ll take the liberty of sending you a DM too to check on your availability in a few days.

@Kevin_Potthast I’m attaching a picture of the overall itinerary I sketched on foreflight, see if you can make it out:

Also, it might be fun to detour all the way out to St. John’s and then vfr up the coast of Newfoundland, maybe a little more scenic than the inland route I drew there


Good luck and have a great journey. I am not on live yet, hopefully soon…I would enjoy any postings or pics of your epic.

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@Christoffer_Z. MaxSez: Route from East Coast To EU looks familure, Believe you beat @Cpt_Chris and I in a 208 Legacy Go. How about a detailed fight plan with fuel/leg times. If willing PM pls info Cpt_Chris. Here’s our route grafic:

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He beat us Max 😤😞, but I would be glad to go for this! Please PM Max & I :).


That’s great, guys, I love that chart, very cool! I’ll dm you the full info later tonight, socializing at the moment. How much info are you looking for? Just the airfield to airfield routes, distances, and fuel info? I think I can actually just export it all from foreflight but I’ll have to play around with it. Its actually pretty conservative, i think the longest leg might be a little more than 300nm but I’ll send in a bit. I might ask to pick your brain a little too, I have a couple questions if you’d be willing to entertain them

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