“Invisible to others” instead of disconnecting completely

This seems a feature of some years before.

Basically when there’s violation issued, you can still see other aircrafts though others won’t see you. You can continue your flight with your own pace with the scenery of online flying while you are not part of it. Here you can fly how you want to behave or be in sequence of others.

Sometimes it was frustrating when players got disconnected for “unable to communicate”, etc. when we are on arrival of a 19 hours flight so… this way we are still able to finish flights with same qualities, without bothering other players.

I’d say disfavoring this feature will be expect and there might be aspects I haven’t thought of, so please jot down some criticisms 😄👍

I don’t really understand this just follow ATC instructions

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I think what he is getting at is that even though it shows the pilot is away for a few hours and is just circling above airport, they still give a violation because the pilot wasn’t communicating with ATC.

Indeed, at several occasions I was disconnected from the server when I’m circling at 24000 by approach ATC. Those has already expired their appealing dates.
However I hope this function is here to ensure even even when disconnected, players feel they are still part of the game, without affecting others