Invisible Prop

The prop disappears from all the single prop aircraft when viewing from behind. They are visible when viewing from the front. Using Ipad 2 which is up to date and tried restarting.


I don’t know. Let me check it out.

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You’re right. It’s not there.

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I will check on android now . What planes did you use?

It’s any single engined prop.

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The same thing happens on android

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Yeah they’re all missing from the back.

Does this happen on the dash?

I saw this too. Used to be that the prop was visible from all directions, but the landing light wouldn’t show through the “blades.” Now the landing light shows through, but you can’t see the propeller from behind. I’ve seen this on the Cessna and Cirrus aircraft…

Dash and P38 are visible all around.

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Known issue, happens with the spitfire too

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