Invisible planes

so in the last few days my wifi has been down, so i have to use my mobile data to play online. but for some reason other planes wont appear, i can only see a callsign. ive turned on download aircraft with mobile data but still, it wont appear. and its clearly not the signal, its 4g and the signal bars are full.

Try clearing your scenery cache, that works most of the time :)

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Aircraft appearing isn’t just internet or cellular data dependent, as it also relies on the capabilities of your device, as well as the graphic settings you are running. You may need to turn your aircraft count up (if you can run it smoothly) or down (if performance is being affected by your device’s age or internet connection).

Please also keep in mind that full bars with 4G does not guarantee strong performance.


I have had this issue too. Aircraft never appear even with full settings. This was while I was controlling yesterday. I have a strong internet connection aswell.

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How is your internal storage space doing?

I have 250gb and not even close to the cap.

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

I am not doing that at this time. That is a last resort.

thanks, but is it ok to do that while inflight?

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i put all of my graphics to low except aircraft count, i put it on high. and some aircraft starts appearing but only the one that spawns next to me. it wont download planes that are holding short or taxiing. the thing is that my wifi is bad, sometimes i even use my data connection to play online games even tho my wifi is working. but the aircrafts loads fine while using my wifi. i even once tried to put all the graphic option to max, but it still wont load

i would probably wait until after your flight to clear cache

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