“Invisible” Planes

I spend some time doing ATC and noticed that occasionally at arrival, while you can see a radar tag, you can see no visual aircraft. Is that a glitch or has someone come up with the stealthiest aircraft possible? 😁

Make sure you have ˝Airplane Count˝in settings on very high…

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Hey there!

Sometimes when there are many aircraft around you, your “airplane count” is set to “low” by default when you install the game to avoid lag. As @Matevz_Treven said, you can set Airplane count to “very High”, however you still wont be able to see All aircraft ;)


Your device can only handle so many plane’s 3d models at once. Even with “very high” settings on, you still can’t see some of them. At very busy airports for example, you might only see planes within a 1nm radius. I don’t know exactly how they do it, but you cannot see every single plane you may see on radar tags.

Thanks all. Changed the setting from high to very high, hopefully that solves the problem.

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