Invisible plane taxiing

I could’nt think of a good name for this thread so change it if you have a better one.

Anyway, I have a problem where when I’m trying to taxi at a busy airport, and I’m sent to hold short of a runway and there’s also planes holding short of that runway. I can’t see those planes, I can only see their “box” so I don’t know when to stop behind them because they’re in front of me and I don’t want to run into them, but also I don’t want to stop too far back then it would possibly make the pilots behind me irritated.

I have my “Airplane count” settings to “very high” but they still don’t load in for me and I’m afraid of being ghosted while taxiing.

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What device are you on?
What camera view were you on?

You did the right thing by leaving the boxes on. When airports are busy the best thing is to use the boxes and the radar to make sure you are not interfering. Since you can only see so many aircraft at once, it may take it a bit to download the plane if needed depending on your network.

Also if you are on cellular make sure your option to download only on wifi is not checked.


I have this issue too, especially during FNF. Just stay back enough that you think you’ll be fine.

Or do what Chris is about to tell you.

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@Chris_S I’m on iOS and I tried experimenting with the camera view but that doesn’t change it, however I’ll check to see if download planes on WiFi is turned on or off.

Ok, it was turned off so I’ve turned it on, I hope this makes things better thank you :))

Set your airplane count to very high under the live settings.

@Captain_Merka its always been on “very high” for me :))

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That is probably the reason. Infinite Flight only renders a certain amount of planes. Also that takes a long time because the airplane files are huge. If you want to improve it, uncheck the box as Chris has said and set the airplane count to max. But this can cause your device to lag and consumes a lot of cellular data

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Reading is a lost art. :/


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