Invisible barrier

Device: iPhone SE 2020

As you can see, there is a sort of invisible barrier at this airport (RJAF.) You can clearly see that I had touched down because the spoilers and reverse thrusters were deployed. I have never seen this before and would like to know if this is known or not

Are you part of the 3D editors? If so, some airports have that problem because they have been worked on. LPPT has the same issue

@callaa is, I think the fix would just be to tick the “Don’t show Unreleased 3D airports” button.

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Correct. This happens when the field elevation is changed at a WIP airport.

@callaa- in the case of RJAF, the current elevation is 665.0736m but has been changed to 657.4536m. As a result, the aircraft will “sit” at the new elevation until it’s released, which is why it appears to the left or right of the runway (dependent on the camera angle).


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