Invisible aircraft but they show up on the map?

I was flying in the training serves and i saw a couple aircraft on short final into LAX on the map, but when you look out the cockpit there are no aircraft. The they pass the runway thresh hold and they land. You still can’t see them. Not aircraft, no pilot details, etc. but there are other planes visible alaround me.

Any one else having this issue?

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Ghost planes?

Lol, and I this was the training server and no one is ghosted.

This happens either if your aircraft count in the live tab of settings isn’t set to very high or if there are high amounts of traffic.

Try turning airplane dots on.


Yes or display names.

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yes same here, sometimes like that cuz you have bad connection or the internet isn’t strong

Your device isn’t rendering all aircraft because there’s too many to render anyway. I was sitting in line for takeoff at Gatwick once, and so many planes were in a queue that you could see NONE of the planes landing.

Sometimes it becomes very weak internet then you can’t see all of them.

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