Investing into an Ipad

Can anyone with the newest IPad, not the pro, mini or air just the normal standard iPad. Contact me regarding performance. I’m very keen on investing into one as I use my phone and as people already know it isn’t very practical. Thank you


My father uses the latest Standard IPad - he doesn’t use IF but he says it runs every program he uses (plus some high end games like Asphalt 9) extremely well with next to no buffering or latency issues.

I’ll ask him if I can borrow it to test IF on…I’ll get back to you

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This would be highly appreciated. Thank you very much

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I think this can also help you


100%, I use the previous generation ipad, and it works perfectly fine with IF

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Full graphics and anti aliasing on?

To be honest, I’ve never actually tried anti aliasing, you should give it a go though, I just never felt the need for it, but with graphics, yes, it’s been at full the whole time ;)

I have just the standard 2019 model and it runs IF on high settings with no issues. I also run other games on their highest settings and I have yet to run into any issues with them either.

I have the regular and mini 5, the mini 5 has better performance for me.

Brilliant, I massively appreciate all you guys replies. Thank you

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It is very nice. Have had no problems with it and the screen is much a big but it takes some time to get used to the landings

I would recommend the latest iPad that retails for £349, no need to go for the Air or Pro.

I use it and I 100% recommended it. Barely get any sort of lag and all services are usually up

How will an ipad compare to my Galaxy Tab S3? It’s okay but lag spikes do arise at max settings. Also, the newest aircraft (CRJ, A-10, A350 etc) run very slowly in cockpit view.

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The Galaxy Tab S3 is quite an old device (~ 3 years old now) with not much RAM so it will struggle at high settlings…

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It is starting to suffer from Digital Dementia.

Brilliant, thank you

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