Investigation on SSJ100 crash at Sheremetevo finished - the captain is the one to blame

Please be advised that some users may find the timeline shocking. No footage is included as it is pretty graphic.

Minutes ago Russia’s investigative commitie published a press release announcing the end of investigation on last year’s SSJ100 crash at Sheremetevo. It concluded that the only one to blame here was the captain of the plane, with his words about plane being uncontrollable disproven.

Timeline with (now officially confirmed) information:

  • A lightning hits the plane, captain descides to return to the airport
  • Instead of burning fuel, captain descides to land immediatly, even though situation onboard isn’t dangerous
  • As at the time it was just a radio and autopilot falure, so no emergency services were awaiting the plane
    As the plane is overweight, it comes at a bigger speed
  • Captain acknowledges landing clearance, everything seems alright
  • The plane starts bouncing, but instead of going around, the captain only increases the bouncing
  • Left main gear breaks and slams into the fuel tank in the wing
    Plane catches fire
  • At the time plane has stopped, the back is already in flames from the burning fuel.
  • All emergency services are sent to the plane, but because of it’s size it takes them prescious minutes to get to the plane

Investigative commitee press release (in russian)


Judging from the landing footage, he landed le plane too hard. also what an incompetent pilot?

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The problem is not that he landed hard, but rather that he didn’t go around. And also because he for no reason decided to not burn fuel

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Also in this accident, anyone died?

I guess the pilot is to blame but I can 100% see how the pressure of being a captain and taking control of people lives, trying to save them and that just got the best of him. I understand what he was going through but he still should have gone around

Yes, 41 people died

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Until the fuel tank was damaged the only problem was broken radio and autopilot, so i don’t see any reason why would he be nervous

No info about him being intoxicated

Such a shame. An incident that could’ve easily been avoided :( Incompetence leads to deaths of innocent people.

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Woah barely made it to the airport. sadly people died.

Everything was alright until the bouncy landing and subsequent fire

A really good thread on the accident/report can be found below:


At the end of the day, The captain was the PIC and is the ultimate authority of the flight. His actions caused the deaths of his passengers that he was responsible for. His decision making skills were poor and that to me caused innocent lives to be lost.


Maybe he was a lazy boy, and he dont want to Go around or burn fuel without autopilot…

Just disgusting! Saw the footage! Can’t believe people stopped to get their luggage! So many more lives could’ve been saved!

I think it is quite easy to judge them when we are safe here, but who knows what we would do in this situation. When in panic, human brain acts weird

That would more likely come down to training then. The whole point of it is so when the real thing happens, you know what to do and you are familiar with the scenarios.

You really never know, with all those complex systems built into the aircraft. There could be any sort of underlying issue the pilots may not be aware of, and radio/autopilot failures could indicate something worse upcoming. The pilots may not even be aware of a fire.

The pilot confirmed that there were nothing serious onboard. That’s why there were no emergency services waiting for the plane

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The pilots in the above example thought there was nothing serious going on, as they decided to divert to an airport further away at first, until a fire revealed itself. There are a few other examples out there.