Inverted sounds?

Ever since I downloaded 19.4, I have noticed something odd, but cool.

Not sure if anyone else found this out but the engine sounds are “inverted.”

Like the thrust sound is in the front of the engine and the suction sound is in the rear of the engine.

Not sure if this was intended, but It sounds very similar to an engine overhaul.

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This has been posted about before.

It is very interesting 🧐

Hmm interesting 😶

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Gee, if only we knew what aircraft?

Is it one specific model, is it all of them? We’ll never know… 👀


Lack of info in the post. If it had more info probably wouldn’t have closed it so quick. No sense in keeping it open when we’ve got Seb’s post from 5 days ago

See Seb’s response below:

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