Inverted Flight Control On Mobile

There is a time that my control are inverted I tried to reset my phone and install and uninstall my game still inverted can someone help me

You can change this via your Infinite Flight settings:

have you encounter inverted controls ? btw thanks for the tips

I think I know what you’re talking about…
Do you have the same issue as described in this topic?

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I think yeah we have similarities during take off or landing it goes left or right and when I try to turn the yoke right it shows turning in the opposite direction

If you have your phone setting on “autorotate” and you pick up your phone flipped around 180 degrees the wrong way (right side is to your left, and left side to your right), likely without noticing, your bank inputs will be reversed, even though your pitch and rudder still work in the expected direction.

You can either turn-off autorotate, or just rotate your phone around the other way, and it will be fixed.

Exactly, until the last update you couldn’t rotate IF on your device, but now you can. And if it’s rotated the wrong way all controls are inverted, which is super annoying because it can end your flight really quick… I hope the devs will fix that in the next update.

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