Inverted cockpit view

Hi i’m new to Infinite Flight. So I dont really know much stuff. Anyways, the problem is that
I was casually playing infinite flight. But i got curious so i checked out the settings played with stuff to get used to it. When I come back to my plane, the cockpit view is inverted. When I scroll down with my finger, the screen looks down, when I scroll down, the screen looks up! Can anyone help me?


Is the rotation lock on the device on?

Hey, change that in settings and you’re done

Settings → General

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Go to settings → general → invert internal cameras → off

you inverted the internal camera direction which affects the cockpit, tower and onboard views. change the in the app setting (bottom left of infinite flight app page) and the scroll down to Invert Internal Cameras Vertical Motion and turn this off (if you don’t want it). Hope this helps.

Also, welcome to the Infinite Flight Community. You’ll be an experience pilot in no time!

ok thx guys

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