Inverted Cockpit Motion

Hi everyone. I always had my cockpit cam on inverted motion in settings. However, recently I have found that while the up and down directions are inverted, while the side-side directions are not invited, that is, they move the direction my finger moves. When I switch to non-inverted in settings it works fine with non-inverted motions. No idea about what is going on. iOS operating system.


I noticed this to but just before the update. It really annoyed me.

Even I noticed this after the update. The internal and external have been made rather than vertical and horizontal before.

Can you give us more detail here, I am not sure I fully understand the problem. What is the issue? What do you expect from the feature?

So, when the cockpit motion is supposed to be inverted, the cockpit camera moves in the opposite way from where your fingers move (ex, slide fingers to right, the camera moves to the left), but that no longer occurs. Moving my finger to the right (even when inverted cockpit motion is selected in settings) makes the camera move in the same direction (to the right). However, moving the camera up and down still works (ex. move my fingers down, the camera moves up). It is side to side that the camera can’t do inverted right now. I would like to go back to when all angles were inverted, if that is possible…

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