Inverted cam motions, what everyone prefers?

Simply put we have 4 possibilities. Which one do you use?

    • inverted both internal and external
    • none inverted
    • inverted external only
    • inverted internal only

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I am curious about this since reading this paper :

Happy flying!


Wow, I feel lonely there…

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Isn’t non-invented camera movements the default setting

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Yeah that’s what I thought - I find inverted feels just not right…

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For some reason, I had to invert the external cam the day I downloaded the app! I would like to better understand the reason behind!

Still, amazed so few users inverting anything here! I guess these options must have been offered for a good reason.

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what do these setting even do? ive fiddled with them but they seems to not change anything

They do change the way the cams move relating to the way you move your fingers on the screen. Try and you will see.

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Actually, the way I set it (inverted outside but not inside) makes it appear to me that I am the pilot (inside), and I move an object in front of me (outside).
Also curious that noone inverts the inside cam so far?

People who invert their camera motions definitely put their toilet paper in the under orientation.

Joke don’t come for me

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I’d need a picture for the toilet paper, sorry! 😉

Okay then… I didn’t know this was a toilet paper positioning lesson.

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