Invert Horizontal Motion

I searched the community thinking for sure there must be a recent request for this, but it seems the last was in 2016 which ended in the statement that its just not available.

We are able to invert Vertical external and internal cameras. It looks like (possibly) pre-2015 we might have had horizontal inversion, but as of now we do not. There are several posts about controllers and yoke setups which state issues with inverted horizontal.

Would it be possible to get Horizontal Camera Inversion option as a checkbox in the ‘General’ settings as with the vertical ones?

Hey! If you want a feature you can make a feature request by creating a post at @features

Well, that was my first bet; but was unable to make the post in there. Assuming a wonderful admin can move this to that section ;)

I got it
you are a basic user aka trust level 1 which means you do not have ascess to creating most topic types and a few other things

First time I think I have ever been called basic. LOL! My wife always tells me I am too much, can you maybe pass over this info to her…lololol!!

basic does not mean you are someone who does the bare minimum it just means that you are new on the community

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