Invcts01's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A | PASSED

Hi guys, this is my first ATC Thread. I’m training for IFATC and want to practice what I’ve learnt in the past few weeks. I would like some feedback to improve my skill. Feel free to do some pattern work.

Status: CLOSED
Airport: N/A - N/A
Runway: N/A
Server: Training
Frequencies: Ground Tower

Area Of Focus

  • Ground Awareness
  • Transition
  • Sequencing and clearance
  • Upwind conflict and runway change
  • Separation

Good controlling today! Tag me next time you open.

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Hey here’s Bullet 99 feedbacks from this session…

Nice work out there…just a couple of little things…

✅ P/B and taxi - no issue
✅ T/O clearance with direction
✅ Sequence
⚠️ On my first clearance for option, you gave me a direction to take after, but there is no need since I took off with left direction so I already have a pattern to follow
✅ Nice pattern entry then clearance with direction after my runway change

On my side, the overall work was pretty good. Just pay attention to your clearances with direction or not and you frequency change when a plane leaves your airspace…

Can’t wait to fly with more planes in the patterns


Edit —

⚠️ Ho and no needs to re-clear a #2 plane as #1 after the first plane lands…

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I will, thank you for coming. Hoping for a feedback to improve more. Appreciate it!

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Thanks for the feedback, appreciated it!. Would like to tag you next time I open.

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sure you can but I’m more active on my discord…better to tag me there

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Hey! Feel free to tag me when your open!

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Tag me to next


Sure, I will do next time l open

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Sure, I will do next time

@VixenKasai @BT_HANDLES @CmdtBrunoVian @J-F_V @Deakin

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Apologies, can’t make it tonight, currently about 1/3 through a long haul. I’ll try next time!

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It’s okay, I’ll tag you next time mate

@VixenKasai @CmdtBrunoVian @J-F_V @ThePotato @canton @Deakin

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@VixenKasai @CmdtBrunoVian @BT_HANDLES @J-F_V

Feedback (HS-ASB)

  • When I announced full stop, you shouldn’t have cleared me for landing - keep in mind that an option clearance allows me to perform a touch and go, stop and go, or full stop. Therefore, the landing clearance was unnecessary.
  • “Exit runway when able and contact ground when off” command came extremely late, it should come between 60-80 knots.

Thanks for having me!

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Good work today! No complaints from my end 😁

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Appreciate the feedback Mr. Potato. Noted for next session sir. Thank you for coming

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Hey there, here is my feedbacks (Air Canada 99)

Inbound from CYYZ:
✅ pattern entry
✅ Clearance
✅ Nice patterns entry
✅ Sequences and resequences were well handled
✅ Nice clearances with direction when needed
⚠️ Exit command a bit late
❌ Go Around (I think @Stef_Smet (OO_LXV) gave a self GA first but you disconnect right at the moment I think your device lagued or something)

N.B.: When a plane doing patterns calls for Full stop before you cleared him, clear him with landing…if already cleared for option, you can answer only Roger since the option covers landing…

Thanks for the service! Nice work overall with me but pay attention to GA since it is an auto-fail on your test!!


Finally! Thank you for coming Mr Vixen. kinda surprised and learn something new when you request rw 28 for pattern work, never had that on IFATC training I guess. Love it!!