Invalid User When PMing

Hey all,
So since I’m just finishing up my IFATC training I’ve been PMing a few trainers (since many can’t do it at the moment) and each time I get an “Invalid User” message that pops up. Now I’ve been just clicking it until it sends but I was just wondering what’s going on.


Yea, PMs have been acting up. I believe Sebastian is aware and is investigating this issue on Discourse’s side.


Right ok thanks for that.

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Having a similar issue. The solution I found was just adding the ‘@’ symbol before the name because you didn’t have to do it before.

Been having the same problem. Clears up if you remove the person you were PMing and re add them.

Is anyone able to reproduce this using a specific set of steps? I know it happens randomly, but I’m trying to find a non-random way…

I literally just press the message button on a user, write something, hit send and it come soon up around three - fours times before finally sending.

Of course i can’t get it to appear now…
Are you going through the message button on the user card or do you enter the users full profile page and then tap the message button?

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I go through the message button and I still have the same problem. Haven’t tried entering the users full profile though.

Which one? The one you see if you click my profile picture in this topic?

Yes, and it probably makes no difference but also the one you get when you search up a user then click on their profile.

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Both causes the same problem

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I’ve sent an inquiry to Discourse about this. We’ll see what they’ll say :)


Also new PMs aren’t showing in in my log with bookmarks and notifications.

Search Any Mod > Click on Profile > Click Message > Type anything > Send. Only happens on mobile so use your phone, Seb.

I had the same issue on my MacBook Air.

Current status of this is that Discourse is troubleshooting the issue. It’s tricky as it’s random, but they’ve added some additional debug logging that will hopefully help in determining the root cause.


This should be solves now.