(Invalid?) ghost

Just got ghosted for not talking yet these were my communications… looking for some help? Thanks

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Contact @Julius97 via PM


@Julius97 ghosted me for the same thin a couple months ago, I was also transmitting messages! I feel that there is something wrong here.

Let’s get the mods here…

No need. This can be handled via PM

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I needs to be solved here too.


Please pm @Julius97 to discuss further

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This can easily be handled via PM, as @GlobalFlyer1 has already stated. No need to find out what happened in a public thread.

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Mine was already taken away from my ghost record. I don’t need to.

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It happened months ago.

A couple months ago? This should not be solved here because this is a topic that can 1. Be handled via a PM and 2. This is a topic for the player that was just ghosted


If an admin could close this that would be great, I don’t have permission to delete. I dmed him, just didn’t know his @. Thanks all!

I understand that, mine was already taken from my records.

Same also got reported for interfering with other aircrafts and I was way clear out of the way, we need to fix this

Just DM the IFATC member who ghosted you. This post was simply to find his @

Y’all! Handle this in a PM. Not here.


Everyone who has been ghosted, PM respective controllers that reported you. There is absolutely no need to continue a discussion here, thank you.


Please stop, this is not your topic. Also, all ghosting inquiries need to be handled via PM, as @Balloonchaser said in the first message here.