Hello Everyone !

My name is Aaron Murray and I’m a spotter at IAH for about two years now !
This is really just an introduction post just to let you know about me and what I will be posting on this IFC account. I will be mostly posting spotting pictures from IAH and ATL ranging from Small Private planes to the massive Airbus A380. Please feel free to contact me about any question you may have about what equipment I use or where abouts I spot at. Also please feel free to follow my Instagram account for daily postings at…


Welcome aboard, Aaron.


Welcome to the forum, Aaron! It’s a pleasure to see you on here. Have you read the FAQs and Guideliness provided on your PM? It’s really useful as a guide to interact with others in this forum 😊.

Enjoy your time in here! If you have any questions, Don’t be hesitate to ask it to one of our members. We can’t wait to see your contribution on this forum ❤

In here, you have some trust levels. You’ll gain it if you have been active enough in this community and make a positive energy to the forum. Here are some of the advantages of Trust Levels :

  • TL1 : You can access PM feature
  • TL2 : You can get access to #features , #real-world-aviation , and #live:va
  • TL3 : You can get access to a private category and have access to #tutorials too
  • TL4 : Staffs (Thanks @BluePanda900 for the information 😊)

I hope this helps. Here are some advices to gain trust levels in here :

  • Come to here more often
  • Give likes to others if you are agree with/like their posts
  • Contribute in a civilized manner
  • Help others if they have some questions
  • Join a discussion and spark a healthy discussion with others

Happy Flyings! See you in the skies and enjoy your stay in the forums ✈

You might also want to check some of the rules in here 😊


Thank you very much !


Welcome @Aaron_Murray to the community. We hope you have nice time here.

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Don’t forget, at TL4 you get access to #staff ;). Anyway, welcome! This is a really nice community and you’ll learn a lot too! :)


Welcome to the forum, I hope you like it here!

You probably know this already or not, but @JRRaviation is also an IAH spotter.

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We know each other very well :)

I also know @Matt737


Welcome aboard the forum. Enjoy your time here.

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I have added your name to here 😊. Have a look of other community accounts in here too 😉

Sorry that I can’t give a like at the moment. Running out of likes 😭

@SingaporeAirlines if you’re a Regular running out of likes that’s a good sign 😊


Welcome! It’s great to have another member on board!

Hey man! Welcome here!

Welcome @Aaron_Murray hope you enjoy it here!

Welcome dude! Were you with Jason Standley earlier today/yesterday by any chance?

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We need more new members like you Aaron! Upbeat, kind people like you restore my faith in this AvGeek Community. I propose an automatic promotion to TL2!


They never decided to add me on there. ;)

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Welcome Aaron, i hope you enjoyed your stay and read through the rules shared by regulars above ^_^

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Welcome Aaron, bienvenido a bordo! We’re glad to have you here. Please enjoy your stay.

Sincere regards,


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Welcome @Aaron_Murray!
I’m a Houstonian as well.