Introduction to Urumqi (ZWWW) Airport for Sunday

On Sunday, one of the featured airports is Urumqi, one of the most important international airports in the west part of China. I will take some time to control it on Expert Server this Sunday. This airport is an excellent fit for the newly released China Southern Boeing 757.

About the Urumuqi Diwopu Int’l Airport

Urumqi is the largest city in Xinjiang Autonomous region of China. This is a very diverse region culturally. You can see below in the picture that the architecture of the terminal building is a mix between Chinese style and Islamic style. ZWWW airport is a huge hub for China Southern and Hainan Airlines.

See details below for important airport information:


Beijing Capital (ZBAA), Yinchuan Hedong (ZLIC), Lanzhou Zhongchuan(ZLLL), Tianjin Binhai (ZBTJ), Shanghai Hongqiao (ZSSS), Guangzhou Baiyun (ZGGG) etc.
International (at least before the pandemic):
Almaty (UAAA), Moscow (UUEE), St.Petersburg (ULLI), Islamabad(OPIS), Sharjah(OMSJ), Nursultan Nazarbayev(UAOC) etc.
Semi-international (before the pandemic): Taipei Taoyuan (RCTP)

Runway Information & airfield information

The airport has one runway 07/25 with runway length 3600m (11,811ft) and runway width 45m (148ft).

  • Make sure that you are avoiding the mountains nearby.

  • Can accommodate Boeing 747 series, but not A380.

Major Airlines

Air China, China Eastern, China Southern, Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines;
Air Arabia, Air Astana, Uzbekistan Airways, S7 Airlines.

Gate Map

Thanks for reading. I hope that I will see you on Sunday! :)


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Plus a little bit Wikipedia


Hi, helpful write-up but I wonder if it would be better in Live or General categories?

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I plan to open it on 2020-12-20T11:00:00Z2020-12-19T16:00:00Z
It subjects to the limitation that whether I can get the control of the airport. (I might open it shorter.)

I think it’s good idea for you to open it so we can fly there in solidarity with what is happening to the Uighur minority in China. Thanks for opening it and for an amazing guide, I will try to stop by!

Due to the political sensitive nature of this place, I’d recommend not to talk about the politics specific stuffs here.
Welcome more aviation discussions. :)


Nice topic!


Great introduction!(bei qiang po de💦💦💦)


This was also before the pandemic. People arriving from China are now banned from entering Taiwan/ROC, so CZ temporarily suspended this route.

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Great introduction! It will makes the fly-in or fly-out more vivid!


Wow! 🤩
Thanks for the tutorial ~ I’m going to open this😝

Hahahahah. Of course you can.

Me as well lol (as long as I have time)

Alright Gonna flyout from Urumqi-Tselinograd (Or almaty) with China Southern 757 on sunday

And Fly in From UTTT (Tashket)


Tselinograd is Astana or Nur-Sultan. Almaty was called Almaty.


Thanks for your support!

Maybe I should do Urumqi to some airstrip in the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. There is like a 3 hour time difference once you cross the border. Maybe the sky might suddenly be dark? 🤷

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Just a reminder that it’s open tomorrow if so

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ZWWW TGS is now opened by me :) Allow pattern work. Everybody welcomed.

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Inbound now, looking forward to a new Airport I havent flown into yet

Just closed it, sorry.