Introduction to SimBrief

Make sure you put in custom air frames with all the IF specifications. The weights for most of the aircraft in IF differ from what you would get in Simbrief. For instance, the OEW (Operating Empty Weight) in Simbrief for the E170 is actually less than in IF, so Simbrief will be calculating less fuel than you will actually need.This was validated by a Beta that it does make a difference. In addition, the most important weight factor you will input into the Simbrief system will be your ZFW, Zero Fuel Weight. Best to fill up your aircraft with pax and cargo first and find what your ZFW is on IF then input it into Simbrief to get a far more accurate Block Fuel read out.


Looks alot easier! Thanks

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Chris, this is a much-needed and excellent tutorial! Thanks!

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This is the kind of threads that truly stand out. Thanks for setting it up, sir!


Amazing tutorial! Really helped me out with SimBrief! I didn’t know how to use it till now, just like Tyler. Thanks!


Amazing tutorial Chris! This should hopefully help a lot of folks out.

I figured I’d drop this in here since it covers your reply exactly.


Thanks I added it to the main post

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Hmm I’m sure I have seen some of those before… 😉

Really good job. I only used simbrief for fuel, but now I can use it for calculating my TOC and TOD

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Nice one. Now registered with Simbrief.

Very clear and concise explanation of all the info.

Used your Tutorial to plan my EGLL–SFO long haul.
Worked perfectly, most notably the fuel block calculation.

I had enough in the tank in case I diverted to another airport, put in holding pattern (etc.), but instead I landed with <9% fuel left. Started with 190,000 lbs of fuel !!

Well done.

Speedbird 120

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I wanna use the C130 but it isn’t there. What do I do?

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This is amazing, I use a much simpler free flight planner but that was because I had no idea how to use simbrief. Had an account there but never used it. I’ll give it a go again ^_^ Thanks for he tutorial l.

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Thanks very much for this tutorial.
Used it for planning 3 flights this weekend.

However, I cound’t copy paste straight away the flight plan given by SimBrief as it caused my app to crash every single time I tried.
I noticed that on each flight plan at least 1 waypoint was missing in IF.

Would it be this causing my app to crash? Has any of you experienced such an issue?

That’s a known issue and hopefully a hotfix update will be out soon so just sit tight for now!


Thanks Nelson for the quick reply!

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Great tutorial thanks Chris!

This is amazing! Thank you for sharing! Just the thing I needed!

I use SimBrief all the time but this has excellent new info I didn’t even know about. Outstanding!

This is some great Info @Chris_S. Thanks for sharing! 👌🏽👍🏼