Introduction of stricter requirements for grade 3

In the aftermath of October 11th, grade 3 has become very easy to achieve by just doing less than five flights max or in a simple equatorial RTW flight. It has had both positive and negative effects by allowing us to see new IF users act professionaly while at the same time giving a easy ticket to the EXPERT server for new users. Maybe harsher(not too harsh) requirements for grade 3 could be implemented

  • XP should be 45000
  • Flight time should be 70 hours
  • Introduction of a flight/landings to violations ratio

The other requirements can be maintained so that the Grading system is not too complicated.

Is this because if he other topic? I like the current grading, sorry


I would want this more than the other topic.

I think it would help keep the expert server “cleaner” and keep the immature grade 3 pilots in ts1.


It’s more or less the same thing…

Is there anything wrong with the Expert Server currently that you don’t like? Show me a screenshot of something unpleasant a Grade 3 did to you?

It seems like everything will eventually lead to a written test. There’s many similar topics, and this has been discussed before.


I don’t have screenshots but even grade 4s are a pain sometimes

Yeah. This is a better solution to some of the problems experienced in the Expert server.

That’s where the landings/flight tme ratio to violations come in ;)

Uhh i mean cant you just report someone if theyre being noobs on the expert server?

Care to explain how? On the expert server, pilot’s action’s are monitored closely by ATC and if they do something wrong they will ghost them without hesitation.

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The report button was somehow deactivated due to frequent trolling occurrences.

Studying a test won’t differ whether your a good pilot or not in my opinion.


Yes, the Expert Server is held to a high standard. But obviously you haven’t seen what goes on a good amount of the time when the ATC goes offline and there are no staff around. I’ve seen it happen plenty of times!!!


Oh, well good job to the noobs that made the devs disable that then lol

The craziness happens when ATC goes offline.


Mainly on ts1 but it happens on expert too sometimes. they just ruch to the runway takeoff as fast as possible…

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Right but even a Grade 5 has the opportunity to goof around then. So your point is invalid. (Triple Facepalm)

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Don’t forget to vote. Together let’s bring sanity back to the skies of Infinite flight :)

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The thing that is concerning is that when ATC leaves, Grade 4s and 5 act like that.