Introduction of new MacOS and iOS

Hey guys, I like to stay updated with the news of Apple, not so much Android, and as many of you might know, the Pre-Release versions of MacOS Catalina and iOS 13 are being released shortly. With these come new technology and an easier sense of creating apps.

Infinite Flight, I believe really should take the opportunity of some of these new features, such as Sidecar and the ability to easily transpose Code for iPad apps to MacOS apps.

Sidecar is a nifty feature that allows your iPad to become a second screen for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac. This could allow not only for a second screen to look around the cockpit but could be for new and upcoming features that the XCub are introducing to IF. We could have a second screen associated with only the displays, or HUD, or maybe just a different view. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Apps such as Asphalt 8 have already started work on their new Mac apps and Apple has made their life easier to recreate the apps we love onto the Mac. Infinite Flight has often been seen as a Desktop associated game, we could easily connect a joystick to our macs and could enhance the Developers options on how realistic it could look. This could allow new possibilities to be released into the game such as clouds and rain and the implementation of 3D-Buildings.

The new Apple Softwares come out in August - September but the developers at Infinite Flight could download any Betas in a few days to have a look at the new features. I may sound like an Apple spokesperson but with this new update, Infinite Flight could really have a new experience


I had a question about the new iOS, I am a developer and am planning on installing the dev beta, but I don’t want to break my IF. Does anyone know if everything works?

And yes, I think the new features would be AWESOME in IF.

Apple hasn’t released the Betas yet, maybe in a few hours, but we aren’t sure if IF works or is compatible or not… will have to find out from Devs I gues.


Even though this would be awesome and us people with MAC’S ONLY would enjoy…This would be very unfair…even though I have a Mac and would love to see this…


wait, wait, wait, wait

Ohhh…Soo you use device to then control on the larger screen…I thought the you could use the Mac as your game

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That was just an idea. It would be very logical however as controlling your plane with a mouse isn’t easy.

Wow. Might be able to play on my iMac for now on. ;)

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That was the idea. Thanks for all your replies, it’s just an idea that the Devs could take into account

I wonder if IF will need to be recoded for iPadOS?

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You can connect the iPad to the monitor and use that as a second screen but I don’t see the point.

There is not iPad OS.

There is (or at least will be)


I think ipadOS runs the same apps so I think it should work

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I’m looking forward to this iPad OS. It’s no secret that iOS severely limited the potential of the new iPad’s and specifically in Apple’s goal for iPads to replace the more common laptops. I see this being more of a possibility now with all the new features it will bring, it will only get better from here!


iPad OS looks quite good. All I’m concerned about is IF.

No, it’s fine, IPadOS is still IOS at it”s core, but tailored to Ipad for the reasons already mentioned by @Chatta290, so all apps, websites, you name it, it will work. For the foreseeable future IPadOS will be more like beefy IOS than anything else…


I don’t agree with it going to Mac as it is supposed to be mobile game only and bringing it to Mac just ruines that. It just means the devs will have to try to compete with Xplane and p3d when it’s not supposed to be as advanced as them. I say stay on mobile!


Expanding to Mac, however, would open a lot of potential doors to help compete with those games though.

I do agree that it would be different and would most likely require all users to purchase a yoke and other third party utilitie.

It’s not about being difficult it’s about ruining the game. It’s made for mobile not pc and honestly it wouldn’t be fun

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I haven’t had a desktop or a laptop in years, and many people can say the same.