Introduction of an educational system.

I disagree. I would like to leave how expert server gets accessed and operated unchanged. With ifatc being able to ghost incompetent pilots, the expert server pretty much forces people to learn. Ifatc already don’t like when they have to ghost people, if we turn our focus to training server being more about training and keeping away the trolls, then it will help significantly reduce the need to ghost users on expert.


I totally agree. There should be a system in place that is just a tad better than what is available now. Perhaps something like a required training program within the app that the user must successfully complete before being allowed to access to certain servers would be how I would envision it. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Mark, Tyler, and the gang have made some of the best tutorials out there. However, utilizing these tutorials for their intended purpose relies on the hope that the user will care enough to seek them out. Making it a requirement in the app is truly the only way to make an educational system like this work efficiently. But then again, we also have to consider the impact to the Devs if the requirements get so strict as to turn users away from the app. I think this is why I spend more of my time on the expert server. Sure you have less pilots to fly around with, but you also have better quality pilots too. Just my two pennies.


Now that the voting system is in place let’s see how this goes…


I agree, I’ve had enough of pilots messing up, annoying everyone and not following atc instructions, and the two tutorials there are aren’t that good, especially when your like me and can’t fly Cessna 172’s at all

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I totally agree. But like @Chris_Ridgell said, we might not want to make it TOO strict. If we atleast do the basic tutorials for ATC, people will somewhat know what they are doing. Of course, that won’t prevent the trolls. I also noticed…I don’t think there is a link to the youtube channel in-app. Maybe you have to go thrpigh one basic tutorial for flying with ATC, and one with working in ATC. Then you are encouraged to watch youtube tutorials via a link, or if possible implement it inot a app. Implementing it would be hard though. Scrap that idea.

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Do you mind me linking this? I don’t want to dwell another paragraph into why I also think it’s necessary.


Hi everyone,
Just now I wanted to fly from EHAM to EDDL with my e190 as some ATC started really annoying me.
What happened:
As there was no ground available no tower but only departure, I contacted UNICOM and announced taxi. As soon as I approached Rwy 24, the departure started sending me some very “kindly” invitations to switch to her frequency. And this 3-4 times indeed in less than a minute. Here are some pictures:
I read the community guidelines etc. and I know there is written only 1 picture per request, but I need to show I could not switch.

So here coming to my actual request: I’d like that by opening the list of the available frequencies (maybe only for TS1) you cannot only see if it is available or not, but also I’d like to see a quick description of what the frequency needs to do, as to be seen above it seems that some ATC don’t know that there are tutorials on YouTube by @Tyler_Shelton and that they don’t have even the basic knowledge.
You may ask now, why don’t you fly on expert server? Here it is : I am still grade 2, like other pilots that respect the rules and are continually annoyed by flying with kindergarden-level pilots and kindergarten-level ATC.
For the devs this would be great by adding an “I” (information) point on the right side of the frequency indication and by clicking it showing a pop up window. There could be maybe also a link to the tutorial on YouTube,
Thanks for your attention,
Happy and safe landings to everyone

Of course they don’t, most of them are not even on the forum. “It’s TS1” as said millions of times before, “we can’t do anything about it”.

If your still grade 2, well what can I say other than keep flying and you’ll be there soon.

Also, how would the little (i) button know which turtorial to link to? There is more than just one turtorial on YouTube.

Thanks for your feedback!
Every frequency as a section you know? Like for the airport, when selecting the spawn point. On the right side there might be an info point and by clicking that you have the pop up window. Like when you fly without Internet connection. You will not have the splash screen but the hints and helps. For the link, there are a lot of games that have the “Facebook” or “Twitter” link. ;-)


Ohh, I see what you mean now. It could maybe link to the YouTube channel?

It is actually not a bad idea. Voted


Your request has a lot of similarities to this.


Bumpety bump bump bump…

Still needed and still relevant in my opinion…

Yeah, but clearly many people seem to disagree despite this being a great idea. And also since a mod disagrees, the chances of this being implemented are fairly low.

(Just realised I sound really salty in this reply… that’s not how I intended it 😂)


imho, If people want to educate themselves on the sim and how to fly better there are plenty of ways to do so. These kind of things tend to take up quite a bit of storage and IF already takes up alot of space as it is already.

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Would be tough and time consuming to implement but would I belive greatly improve quality of expert server and live experience.

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@Nichalas_Petranek I TOTALLY agree with you!!! To add on to what you’re saying, I believe that there should be compulsory tutorials when a user first buys and opens the app. Not just with flying but also how to contact support and obey ATC commands. I understand that these tutorials are already on the IFC but many, many new users don’t know about the IFC. These tutorials should be built in to the app. I believe that this would greatly improve the experiences of pilots and ATC, especially on TS1. The only issue would be that the inexperienced pilots that already have that app wouldn’t get the tutorials. What do you think?

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I feel like FDS can only hold so many hands. If user really wants to fly correctly, they’ll investigate and look for the proper tutorial(s)/resources. If end user doesn’t care, they will skip tutorials all together and fly like a jabroni. I didn’t join this forum for months after I started flying, but I was still able to find everything I needed…sometimes I wonder how people get by without a little self motivation, ‘go get em’ spirit. All you kids out there…relying less on others and just doing the research yourself and getting the job done with a bit of Independence will get you farther ahead professionally in life…anyway…

A simple google search will bring end user exactly where they need to go.

FDS also just did two more brand new introductory tutorial videos on their YouTube.

My two cents…

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The whole point of an education system would be to prevent people flying like a jabroni (first time using that word). We don’t have to completely abandon an idea like this just because of app space, this can somewhat easily be resolved by a link to the education system from the app to a website using minimal space. Upon completion, the user can be given a key or randomly generated code to enter into the server. Of course, I believe this should only be a requirement for Expert.

This could be part of this

I agree that this could be expanded on in the game. I also think that with the constant upgrades in the requirements for the expert server a quiz/test would be a good idea. This could include some exam like questions and maybe a scenario flight to see if the user understands how patterns work and if they can communicate with ATC competently.