Introducing! - Airport Editing Portfolio & more

Hey everyone!
As some of you might know, I’m a part of the Infinite Flight Airport Editing team, which helps to make sure Infinite Flight has high-quality, enjoyable airports once the massive Global Flight Update hits Infinite Flight.

Therefore I decided to make a website to give you in-depth views of how airport editing works out, what we do, to show you guys my works and to keep you updated on what’s to come from myself.

Why? For no real reason but boredom this weekend.
I started working on this website a while ago, but never really worked on it.
This weekend I found it on my weebly dashboard again and thought I could still turn it into somewhat interesting and useful for everybody.

is what I ended up with for now. Make sure to check out what’s waiting for you and don’t forget to leave your feedback down here.

I will constantly update the website to the status quo and add new stuff, perhaps sneak peeks, beginer tips for those who are new to airport editing (agreed - I’ve not been editing airports for a very long time either…), just something helpful and interesting.

Hope this website fulfills its original intention - giving a better on what we airport editors do, make our work a bit more accessible or just being a place to kick off a few minutes.
Have fun browsing the website!

  • Simon



Great website!


Nice work, Simon. Thank you for being part of the airport editing team :).

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Fantastic Website!! Looking forward to seeing it in Global!

Good job 👏 @BavariaAVIATION

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Not really sure what you mean by that but thanks!

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This will be great for people who want to help create airports. keep up the great work!

If I read everything correctly, (and I may not have cause its exam season and my brain is fried), these airports are being implemented into the Global Flight app?

Nope. Blame your exams.

This is just my part of the airport edits that are coming with the global flight update. There are plenty more editors who tirelessly edit airports. We just passed the 1000 airports milestone yesterday…

Every airport on the world will come to Infinite Flight, however - their quality is usually horrible if they’ve not been touched by an airport editor.

-> FAQ


oooohhhh I gotcha now… thank god they are going to be over soon!

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Looks good. Can’t wait to see how you edit your airports ;)

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good job Simon. You must be really bored on the weekends ;D

I’m usually not.
But we don’t have any exams this week that I know of so besides flying and airport editing there’s nothing much to do really.

with that weather outside, youre definitely right…

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The FAQ section is a must read. Especially the last
Before one.


Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it!
I just updated the website with two new airports in Austria and Peru!

LOLS - Schärding / Suben Airport, Austria

SPJL - Juliaca Airport, Peru


Also, for those who are interested, here is the progress on KRDU (Raleigh-Durham Int’l, NC, USA):

I’m done with the most part of all lines, three more aprons, a few taxiways and several runway connections are yet to do. I hope to finish lines after the christmas celebrities, then some really irritating light work, spawns and some minor other stuff. My personal deadline for this is December 31st and so far it looks like it will be finished on time.

Moreover, I have KHSV (Huntsville Int’l, AL, USA) in the works, but there’s nothing much to see yet. I will start working on it at some point around the new year, depending on how quick KRDU is done.
LOLK and ENAT are about to get approved, I fixed some minor stuff today.

My next airports are probably going to be DABT and LEGE along with one major airport which is probably going to be KLIT. I am also planning a second major project (like my Project Azores) for the new year, but I can’t really say too much about it yet.
Just regularly have a look at to stay up to date and know what is going on at the moment.

Also, if you haven’t had a look at the website yet, make sure to do so here:

That’s it for now, happy holidays, see you soon!
- Simon