Introducing Virtualflight!

I aim for Virtualflight to be a group of coders that develop apps similar to infinite pilot and the infinite flight remote cockpit app. If you want to join pm me. You don’t have to have experience ,you just need how to do some basic coding. In fact I don’t have much experience myself…Please if you need any more info or want to join pm me. Thanks 😃

Also please don’t hate because I’m trying to do this without much experience…

Hi there everyone!

Virtual Flight (you may have seen an earlier topic about it) have an idea for an app for IF. It would be an app that allowed you to download plates such as airport plates, approach plates, departure plates and similar plates for each of the regions in IF, and for the airports in IF. It would be available for both iOS and Android.


App idea by @Giacomo_Lawrance


What apps are you planning to develop? I don’t know coding, apart from very basic C++. I would love to beta test though. :D

Good luck!

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I have some ideas but if people join were gonna discuss what to make 😃


Okay, looking forward to it! :D

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For iOS, you need to learn Swift (or Objective-C, which is the old iOS programming language).

But, you won’t really get anywhere with only some ‘basic coding’. I’m not a hater, I’m actually experiencing it myself. I’ve been learning Swift/iOS development for months and I’m still only just a beginner.

I’m not trying to shoot down dreams, but you really need to get learning stuff before you can actually archive something.

Although I just have experience with iOS, it’s mainly the same story with Android.

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Yes I know that,but with a group we could discuss,ask eachother and learn from one another.😃

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Sorry, but if i had some experience i wanted to join, but i know no thing about coding @The_Gaming_Guy

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I know quite a bit of coding. I’m currently learning!

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Perfect do you want to join?😃 @British-Airways

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I PMed you


I might help. But how would this work?

I’ll pm you

For this really loads of different languages can be useful. Swift or Operation C for iOS and Mac, Java for Android, C# for PC, loads of useful stuff.

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Woah, this sounds cutting-edge. So much better than “objective”.


If you guys are interested in programming and have no experience in doing so, then please try Its a free program which can teach you anything from creating a website, to Python, SQL, Java etc. Check it out!


Know about it. Love it 😍😍😍.

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Yeah, it is really fun to develop. All you have to do is pluck lines of code out little holes without touching the sides :)

Who developed Infinite Flight Remote Cockpit

@nicolas is currently developing it.


Thanks for the info