Introducing VirtualCheck- THE checklist app

Hello everyone I’m here to show you all and introduce a new application for android - VirtualCheck

VirtualCheck is here to bring you a better Infinite Flight experience by enchanting the realism of the game.

A key feature of VirtualCheck is the high quality voice read back of the checklists. All you have to do is press the “start checklist” button and start checking !


Some other features include a beautifull material design and a fast and responsive UI.

I’d like to let you know now that this application is free

download now

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Very cool! Will there be an iOS version?

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If enough people download it here you will be getting it very soon. However, in the mean time you can always use an emulator such as;

There is another person coming out with a pretty nice checklist app for all devices soon.


We are aware of this app however, they do not incorporate the unique features we have such as voice feedback and sync coming in the near future

Ok thanks.

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No problem besides if you ask me ours is better ;)

How can I get it on IOS? Is there a web version? Also, what happened to the plates app?

You can use a emulator on your pc such as bluestack. The plates project is still being worked on. ☺ @Bluepanda900

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The pates app has transitioned into a website. And unfortunately at the moment if you are n IOS the only way to get this app is through a PC emulator found

How do you use it? The emulator. Sorry for not sticking around btw.

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You download it and it is basically an android phone on your PC. You can use your mouse to control and keyboard to type etc.

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BIG NEWS - charts have been confirmed to be on their way to the app

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When? How?

We don’t know exactly how long it will take. We will have a separate section for charts in the app

Awesome work, glad to see its up!


It wasn’t paid for me…

I have changed the pricing so that it is free now

Nice, downloading onto my aOS device.



  • No stop button for that voice
  • It is shouting in the background when I close the app
  • Colours and background hurt ma eyes