Introducing VADC

Perfect XD how would you differentiate though?

What do you mean with that?
Like between the original one and the new ‘copied’ one?

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Well, we have a database, created by @Alan_Perez (Thank god we don’t have to create one ourselves) which we modify on our website with all the VAs that are already and not yet approved etc.
So if a second ‘copied’ one is created, we can check that one out and see it’s information has been stolen from the original VA we already checked. Therefore it’s very important we keep things tidy, luckily, @hmkane has also joined VADC recently to help keeping things in order :D

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Garuda Indonesia VA

this is our website

can you check it?

Please check Southwest Virtual, I am the CEO. Our website is

Please standby until we have received further information.

You too, standby until we have received further information.

okay i was wrong, i am sorry

No, it’s fine, we’re having a discussion outside of your knowledge about VADC.

Oh okay, wasn’t aware you were already checking. Thank You :)

Wish you could also pin down the pilots with a display name that starts with ‘captain’, but there’s actually nothing ‘captain’ about their behaviour.

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That’s out of our jurisdiction.


I did not know how long it would be until you asked them so I asked if they could check it for you

Oh okay, thank you :)

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Note: This group cannot demand you change anything and can merely make suggestions. If you do not want their suggestions, just respectfully tell them so and they will no longer give it:)


Adding to this: We will not perform security checks, whether or not attempting to breach a system for security testing, unless a virtual airline asks us to do so.

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Hi Daniel,

please take a look at my website and feedback anything back. im new to the VA world so any help would be great.

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Is it ok if we don’t have a website but have a YouTube channel instead?


And EasyJet Virtual’s new website