Introducing VADC

Hello everyone!

This group cannot demand you change anything and can merely make suggestions. If you do not want our suggestions, just respectfully tell us so and we will no longer give it.

Today, I have polished everything for the grand opening of the formerly secret: Virtual Airline Data Check! VADC is a professionalism enforcement agency for virtual airlines in Infinite Flight. We will check VA websites to see if they have correct information, do not contain offensive language or inappropriate content, are not infringing copyright terms and are not duplicate VA’s.

Obviously, VADC can only advise as we don’t have the power to shut down VA’s or edit content. However, if we find one or multiple of the things listed above on your website, you will receive an email or PM stating what should be changed on your website. If you do not take action, and there is offensive language and/or inappropriate content on your site, we will take further actions.

VADC checks will occur randomly, but if a VA wants to see what they could improve, send us an email and we’ll drop by. If you have passed our rating, you will receive a ‘VADC approved’ logo that you may place on your site. Using this logo while your site is not approved will not be tolerated under any circumstances! Further actions will be taken, so you are advised. Checked websites will be marked as safe on our list and won’t need to be checked for some time. If you are an outsider viewing a website and you find something weird/inappropriate/incorrect, send us an email and we’ll check it out.
Anything else than inappropriate content, for example copyright infringement, is fully up to the owner or webmaster of the VA, to change. We will warn you if your site contains this, but we can’t and will not take any further actions.

Stuff we will check on:

  • Inappropriate content (hateful, discriminating, disturbing)
  • Copyrigt infringement (images, text, videos)
  • Duplicate VA’s
  • [Limited] professionalism (awful looking sites will get a message)
  • [Limited] correct content (incorrect content on a site will be corrected)

Furthermore, if your site is approved and you have the ‘Approved by VADC’ logo on your website, you will be secured by VADC if anyone creates a VA with the same name. Without you having to interfere, VADC will make clear there is already an airline with that name registered. If the airline refuses to take action, we will contact you and explain the situation. Also, if a photo is taken from your site and used as advertisement / on the website of another virtual airline, or a photo taken by a user registered as staff by your VA is stolen, we will contact the other VA(s) about this. Remember, this is only the case if you have the logo on your website, otherwise you are out of our security agreement.

The following is a list of possible VADC ratings your VA website may be granted:

Approved = Your VA website contains no serious problems and is safe
Declined = Your VA website has problems such as inappropriate content
or insufficient copyright disclaimers
Other = Your VA website is currently down or under construction, or something else is being discussed
Unsafe = Your VA is unsafe and should not be trusted. Pilots are advised to exit the airline and future pilots are strongly discouraged to join. The VA is blocked off of websites and listed on our homepage as well as on the community as unsafe
Trusted = Your VA website carries the ‘Approved by VADC’ badge and is covered by our SAAVA terms (full terms coming soon)

Protecting all.

Contact us:


Sounds like SketchFlights final step after being created :)

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Will you be checking slack teams to. We aren’t building a website until we get bigger

We might, we will have to set it up, thing is, you can’t display that beautiful VADC approved logo then ;)

Our logo is to long to fit as our slack logo anyway

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As I say, we are slowly turning into a fully-functioning country.

Now we have Trading Standards. What next?

@BavariaAVIATION @grxninesix are we interested?


Sounds good.

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Our first check, Airberlin VA has been rated approved! Congrats!

I don’t get the sense of VADC.


@BavariaAVIATION The idea is to keep the VA’s safe and clean and avoid duplicate VA’s, sudden shutdowns because of copyright infringement etc. The only thing we have to do is check your site out, when it’s safe, you get a logo ‘Approved by VADC’ and if it’s not approved, you get advise.

Well, then checking us out would make 0 sense as we’re no real world airline and there is no second TravelSky.


Yes but we also check for professionalism, inappropriate content (hateful, discrimination, disturbing) and copyright infringement for real world airlines

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Ok, check us out. But our website’s big so you might wanna take a bag of popcorn ahaha


As expected, your site has been approved. Thank you. The logo will be sent over PM.


Appreciated, thanks for the check!


I see the sense of VADC.

If i understand, imagine a bad guy claim TravelSky ownership or pilot.
We have to make an official list of pilot in our website.

I’m okay for this idea personally, but my @BavariaAVIATION have his word to say also :)


It has already been checked. Look at the three posts above yours

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Thanks! Just got my logo! Keep it up guys :)

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American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines and Flybe Virtual checked too :)

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I will try to put the picture in the CSS of our website where the logo appear in all pages.
Maybe in<footer>