Introducing United Virtual

Welcome to United Virtual! Founded by @Blizzard and I, we would now like to introduce our new website, created by @Blizzard himself!

Here at United Virtual, we strive to get what most VAs don’t. Popularity and reliability.

Our Staff:


Our Pilots:

Thanks for flying UAL Virtual, and have a great flight!


Well, where’s the website?


He just did!

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What is my role

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What you signed up for …

I don’t know

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There seems to be a miscommunication. The wesbite is there, when I announced it first, however, @Blizzard says it isn’t official …

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Indeed I don’t know my role

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Okay, the new website is up …

##There is a merge taking place right now …

May I ask what is being merged?

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pretty cool site…not bad

Check main topic.