Introducing TSATC


TSATC Has Been Approved By The Infinite Flight ATC Community Manager.

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Who We Are

Our goal is to make the community a better and more realistic experience for all. IFATC is the result of of hard work by great people and staff, so we wanted to bring the same experience to those on the Training Server. TSATC will bring you professional ATC, just like the Expert Server.

Important Notice

TSATC is not affiliated with Infinite Flight or IFATC. Everyone that has Infinite Flight is able to control on the Training Server.

Controller Application Process

You can apply on our website at under the apply tab. You can also apply by sending us an email at Our application process consists of a form that will be overlooked by a recruiter, if you meet the requirements, a recruiter will contact you and give you to practical exam. If you pass the exam, you will be accepted into TSATC. If a staff member sends you a direct message regarding your application and you do not answer for 7 days, your application will be deleted.


If you have any problems applying or question about applying, please dm our recruiting team. Recruiting team members are listed in the staff list.

Controller Requirements

  • Have an Infinite Flight Community Account
  • 13 years of age
  • Contain Grade 2
  • Valid email address
  • Not a IFATC member
  • Not in the recruiting process to become a IFATC member.

Our Staff!

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - @benjaminself
Scheduling Manager-@Connor
Assistant Scheduler- @anuj
Assistant Scheduler- @Kacey
Technician- @KaiM
Chief Recruiter- @Dillon_ATC
Europe Recruiter- @Felipe_Schon1


If you need ATC Training Services, be sure to check out the Infinite Flight ATC Education Group or watch the ATC video tutorials on the Infinite Flight Youtube Channel!

Where Will We Be?

We will release a schedule of where we will be operating for the week! We do take event requests, but they must be made at least a week in advance, so we can try to fit it into our schedule. More info on that can be found on our website.


Did you contact a mod about this? Don’t know for sue, but I’d contact one for something like this.

I remember TSATC, it was a hit a few years back. I don’t believe this is a VO/VA, but a mod may comment otherwise.

Group has been approved by Tyler! :)


Out of curiosity, what does the advisor do? If the prerequisite for that position is to be a part of IFATC, are you aware that IFATC members are not permitted to control on the training server?


Thank you for the information

Why is there are 3 email input in the apply section?


Thank you for the notice! Fixed it

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This looks great! I’ve applied! Definitely back anything working to improve controlling on TS.


I applied actually really “pumped up” about this


I applied aswell, wanting to become better!


That’s a serious issue for a lot of folk.

Great idea though, I might apply as a controller while I am training for IFATC!


MaxSez: Self Help. The only game in town. Good Luck @benself. Regards, MaxSends


There need be waaaay more likes on this OP.

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One thing I’d love to know is the goal of this organization, is it to train controllers for IFATC or to improve the general quality of ATC on TS?


How do you plan to deal with disruptive pilots?


I’m down tbh @benself and I suggest we take Airports that are not taken but the newbies on training LAX JFK and EGLL will be taken everyday

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That’s the thing, they don’t. It’s Training server


I know what server it is, thank you.


Improve the general quality of ATC on TS. In the future TSATC may offer training services to controllers.