Introducing @ThePlaneFlyer’s World Tour (Event Series)

Hello IFC, My Names is Mason and I’m @ThePlaneFlyer and Welcome to My Event Series - ThePlaneFlyer’s World Tour 2019-2020.

How it works:
In each month November 2019 - November 2020 I Will hold a event a month (or sometimes twice a month). These event will take place in a different country each time. There will be no dedicated airline and no dedicated aircraft so go wild! (Make sure the aircraft is suitable for the route)

If doing any leg please join the discord server -

The Scheduled Routes:

Month Year Departure Airport Arrival Airport
Nov 2019 YMML NZAA
Dec 2019 NZAA PHNL
Jan 2020 PHNL KLAX
Feb 2020 KLAX CYYC
Mar 2020 CYYC KJFK
Apr 2020 KJFK EGLC*
May 2020 EGLC EDDF

Note: the flight marked with a Astrix (*) will go via Shannon Airport (EINN)
Will be updated at a later date
The Links to The Events will Be Below:
First Leg - YMML-NZAA

Those Who Have Attended All Events Will Be Listed Below:

For Any More Info Please PM me.

Kind Regards @ThePlaneFlyer

I’m gonna assume you didn’t mean to post.

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Accidentally hit wrong button but I’m gonna edit it @Altaria55

December 2020? Is that meant to be 2019?

Looks like fun! Might join in for one or two flights.

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Yes, I’ll fix it now. Also first event thread will be out soon in the #live:events category

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For your Information:


You won’t be able to edit them in after 60 days.

Well I can get this reopened or just make a new thread

You would have to make a new thread.

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Nice idea!

You can sign up for the event

Sadly I don’t have time

Looks like you accidentally put Mar twice!

Fixed @Captain_Merka was meant to be MAY

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This flight operates nonstop. The stop in Shannon on the outbound leg is for refueling, as the weight would make the plane overweight for such a short runway at EGLC.

We will stop in Shannon. And will only use the BA A318 for this flight

What I believe @Thunderbolt is trying to say is the flight in real life goes as follows :
BA1 : London City-Shannon-New York
BA2 : New York-London City
On BA2 there is no need to stop in Shannon because the aircraft (A318) burns all of its fuel before landing in London City.

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About to make the Thread for the second leg

@Kaleb_Jordan yes I know but it’s a unbequem route so well do it like that

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