Introducing TheFlightQuiz - The Infinite Flight Quiz site!

Dont spill that drink and it looks good

ikr. reeeaaaalll goooddd

63/70 in 52 seconds

Hey. Do you do Pascal programming?

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Or… python?

Thanks for the feedback Max!

You are right, I looked up every single question that I added to my quizzes (and not always from the most professional sources), and im also pretty sure that you, and most of the people from the Infinite Flight community know more than me about topics related to flying…

But heey, I’ll have to start somewhere, right? I just published two days ago, and believe me, im working my ass off to make this website better. If there is anything in particular that you think I should change, email me and I will immediately take a look at it :)


I click on the site expecting to answer questions and I have to pay 99 cents for the harder quiz and, regardless of quiz, have to enter my name and email.

Too much effort. Will never know my score. Oh well. I commend your efforts.


Making a site takes time and paying for a custom address costs money. Don’t expect everything for free.

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Don’t expect to make money on everything you do either.

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He’s not charging $9.99 or asking money for all the quizzes

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The aim of this project is not to make money. I do this as a hobby in my free time and just try to cover my server costs (20$ per month) and domain costs (12$ per year).


And pizza. So much pizza.


Um…this is the worst question to ask, but who invented live flight?

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Hahahah, I think I should add this question to a future quiz.

PS: The answer is Cameron Carmichael Alonso (@carmalonso) ;)

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Yeah, I got a 70/70 in less than 3 min!

That’s really good! So far only two people got 70/ 70!

I’m taking the other quiz! However there is a tiny hitch!

The biggest airport is in Atlanta

I just doublechecked it and you are right! Im sorry for this, I will immediately change it.

Thank you so much!

Your welcome!

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You could have just looked at my comment directly above yours, where it says “LiveFlight developer” ;)