Introducing TheFlightQuiz - The Infinite Flight Quiz site!


Hello everyone!

I am proud to introduce TheFlightQuiz, the first quiz site for the Infinite Flight community! Test your flying knowledge with our awesome quizzes. Pssst… They are all free!

Available quizzes:

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email pascal[at]theflightquiz[dot]com, or send you inquiries via our Facebook page or Twitter account (@theflightquiz).


This is great!


Thanks dude :)

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I got 56 out of 70 points is that good ???

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For every correct answer you get 7 points, therefore 56 points = 8 correct answers (out of 10).

That is awesome!

73/70 points! Awesome site by the way :)


Thanks Daniel, thats a damn good score!

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49/70 points xD
But I can’t look up my mistakes right?

Great quiz by the way!


Whoops meant 63/70 XD

Thank you!

Yeah, looking up mistakes currently only works in one of the quizzes…

But I will have this fixed for the next update. Promise :)


I guessed so… Don’t worry, still a very good score ;)

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63/70 On normal too.

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Got 63/10 in 81 seconds.

I have a strong feeling that ive seen that UI elsewhere… 🤔🤔🤔

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Awesome Score!

Yes, you probably have, it’s a widely used WordPress theme called “Zerif” :)

Hope you like it ;)


Guess I know too much about infinite flight

Well done Samuel, you are the first one to get 70/ 70 points in the Infinite Flight quiz!!!

Have you tried the Flight Curiosities one?

Nope, I have not.

Also credits to the picture up top, really nice done with the website in the middle of the picture and all.

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DAAAAMMMNNNN DANIEL, Back at it again with the good grades


MaxSez. I like quizzes and this is a good start. However I’m a technical kind of guy! I don’t count planes in the inventory, I pay an annual subscription so I could care less what’s free and what’s not etc. A lot of time, effort and expertise evident in this Topic, it’s a great start. I suggest @pth you lean more to the technical side utilizing the FAR, AIM & Pilots Handbook as source material. I routinely don’t spend a buck for an “expert” dump unless I trust the originator. Trust me if you go 90% tech I’ll pay the freight, I’ll not mind defraying you personal development expenses. “Do Good Work”!