Introducing the new Turkish Virtual

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Best of luck to you, from a Frontier Virtual pilot. 😄


Hello everyone, I am glad to announce a few more Atc spaces have opened up at Turkish Virtual. We are happy to accept anyone who has the following requirements:

• Experience of ATC on Training Server
• Grade 2+
• Must be able to do ground and tower

If you are interested contact either @Thomas_Ralph , @ProMustafaTK or @rohaim_khedr ,



Turkish Virtual Airlines Team!
“Widen your world and globally yours”

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Just went to have a look and saw I couldn’t read somethings on the side.


@Captaink Thanks for spotting that error, I have also found this issue and raised it to @ProMustafaTK . Hopefully it get sorted ASAP.


Thank you for telling that error. This website is only for computer view. We will be working on the mobile version

Quick FYI, the accent over the “e” in the word cafe is facing the wrong way. Should be “CAFÉ”


Something feels like you’ve got this from @jasonrosewell & his flightcast café?

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Coming soon to Turkish Virtual Airlines!

We will be hosting live questions and answers on Instagram with staff members (one per session), we will be holding these within the next few weeks, keep an eye out on this thread for the first date. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @turkish_airlinesva for a notification when we go live. Also if there are any questions in advanced feel free to pm them to @Thomas_Ralph and we will happily answer them. Looking forward to you all joining.

Don’t forget to join our next recruitment event. This time we are teaming up with KLM Virtual.

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Selam Aleykum,i sent this morning an joining request, cab you tell me how long that it take to get an answer?

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I have a look thanks for reminding u prob join today

Can you check your email please

Great news everyone our newest promo is ready to go. Go to our website to join

Good luck and lead your pilots to success

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I’m sorry to say this to everyone but our va is closing down due to my exams which I am worried about. Sorry for closing the Turkish chat quickly before you knew what happened. if you were in Turkish va and was in the discord chat than sorry I had to close it I didn’t kick you don’t worry. The reason I had to close the chat was because @Thomas_Ralph complaining about the va and beeing rude. Starting to spam the va with discord invite code to haggis va and spamming with join Haggis Wings which is not acceptable. And again sorry for closing gn rhe va down but it doesn’t mean I won’t be online in ifc I will be and I will Ben joining as pilot to other VA’s. Thank you for been part of the va and see you in the future

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I’m sorry to hear that, but maybe you could’ve appointed someone else for the running of the VA until you had your exams done. And best of luck for your exams
With best regards

Maybe contract @neo or
@JoshFly8 with these complaints about another member


Being handled. :)